Faster Response

There is a concern among engineers that Magnetics manufacturers can be slow to respond. It’s a problem confined not just to basic enquiries but to the whole reviewing process: from the moment you request a quote right through to prototying and submitting CAD files. In most cases, the turnaround from initial enquiry to generating a quote can be anywhere up to 2-3 months.

This is where Custom Planar Magnetics can make a big difference.

As soon a request for a quote has been received, Custom Planar Magnetics will assign an engineer to each specific project, giving the customer one point of contact throughout, and one person who is able to follow up the project at each stage. With Custom Planar Magnetics you and your projects won’t be delayed by complex chain-management and sign-off by the CEO.

The systems we have in place allow quotations to be generated by multiple people, removing the delays and bottlenecks common amongs our competitors.

Here’s what we can guarantee:

  • Prompt response to enquiries & fast delivery of quotes
  • Decades of experience within custom Planar designs
  • Unique proprietary software — assisting in design generation, speeding up the process and saving the engineer time.
  • A dedicated point of contact throughout design and build
  • A daily project review until a final quote is prepared

Faster response to quotes

CPM’s proprietary software programs means our response and turnaround times are faster than all our competitors. An engineer is assigned to each specific project, giving the customer a dedicated point of contact throughout design and build.

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