Design Services

Planar transformers are a smaller, highly efficient alternative to large conventional wire wound transformers. They are designed using ferrite cores and commonly used in high frequency switching power supplies. The advantages of using Custom Planar Magnetics is simple: our design capabilities combine first-class engineering with an application-driven focus that not only saves you space, time, and costs, but addresses your needs specifically.

Here’s are just some of our strengths:

  • Flexible power-handling — CPM design and manufacture parts from low power (5-10W) to high power (up to 150kW).
  • All transformer and inductor designs will be produced to your exact specifications
  • Rapid prototyping — CPM use proprietary design software coupled with FEA modelling software
  • Accurate prediction of losses, parasitics and component performance.
  • Mechanical CAD — Our 3D CAD capability allows us to simulate and share mechanical CAD files (STEP or other) with our customers.
  • Test Evaluation — CPM have a custom designed and built test fixture for functionally testing prototypes for performance evaluation.

All our transformers provide low leakage inductance and repeatable capacitance and are suitable for a range of stringent and eaxcting applications including military/aerospace, medical, hybrid and electric vehicles, LED lighting, and renewable energy.

Faster response to quotes

CPM’s proprietary software programs means our response and turnaround times are faster than all our competitors. An engineer is assigned to each specific project, giving the customer a dedicated point of contact throughout design and build.

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