Custom Planar Magnetics offers a superior range of connections. From Pins to Threaded Inserts our highly efficient connections can respond and adapt to even the most challenging demands and currents. CPM will provide the stability and reliability needed to keep the device in check and the job on task.

here are the options:

  • Bolted — various hole sizes are available in both metric and imperial, and multiple holes per terminal if required. Bolted connections are generally used in larger current windings.
  • Pins — both Solder and Press Fit available in varying lengths and diameters.
  • Flying Leads — these terminations can be added to any part with varying lengths and terminations, such as crimps or tinned ends.
  • Threaded Inserts — CPM can add threaded inserts to some termination styles, depending on customer requirements. This allows them to screw directly into the component terminals.

Faster response to quotes

CPM’s proprietary software programs means our response and turnaround times are faster than all our competitors. An engineer is assigned to each specific project, giving the customer a dedicated point of contact throughout design and build.

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