CPM 350 Series - 17,000 Watt Transformer


The 350 series is designed around the E102 planar ferrite core with an Effective Area of 540mm^2. The 350-Series have a much larger window area allowing larger currents and power throughput and are designed using Copper Stamped windings due to larger currents present. PCB based windings are supplied where necessary. Customers can also look forward to a well-stocked library of Copper and PCB windings which are used to create your desired turns ratio and power throughput. Various core heights and material grades are available, allowing higher power-density Transformers and Inductors within the same Series.

Max Power 17,000 Watt
17,000 Watt | 1500 Volts
Multiple Windings Available
Transformer Parameters
Winding Voltage
1500 Volts
Winding Current
Frequency Range
10 kHz-3MHz
up to 4kVrms
Typical Dimensions
Width (Max)
Height (Max)
27 - 50mm

Buck Boost Flyback Forward Push-Pull Half-Bridge Full-Bridge & Resonant

Number of Windings

Multiple windings available

Termination / Mounting

Plate only Plate & clamp

Faster response to quotes

CPM’s proprietary software programs means our response and turnaround times are faster than all our competitors. An engineer is assigned to each specific project, giving the customer a dedicated point of contact throughout design and build.

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