CPM 200 Power Range


The 200 range is designed to cover the low to medium power area of the power spectrum. These are usually designed using a mix of PCBs and Copper Leadframes, depending on voltages and current and cost. Some transformers in this range are also deigned purely as a PCB component or a Copper Leadframe component. Custom terminations are available on all parts.

210 series2200 wattview spec sheet
230 series3000 wattview spec sheet
250 series5000 wattview spec sheet
280 series6000 wattview spec sheet

CPM planar transformers and planar inductors are available in a variety of standard core sizes with custom configurations. Each of our products can be quickly customized often without additional start-up or tooling costs. Use our interactive chart to see at a glance which of our power series is the right one for the job.

Faster response to quotes

CPM’s proprietary software programs means our response and turnaround times are faster than all our competitors. An engineer is assigned to each specific project, giving the customer a dedicated point of contact throughout design and build.

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